Zofin palace VIII.

Concept: Colorful reception

Colours: Red with touch of white

Flowers by own florist from India 

Photos by Tomas Dittrich

Ploskovice chateau


• type of ceremony – civil, church (protestant), symbolic

• available dates and time – on request

• ceremonies can take place in the French garden or inside at one of the amazing halls

• capacity of the hall is up to 80, approx

• length of the ceremony is around 25 min

• civil ceremony is in Czech, translated into English (or any other language), church or symbolic ceremony in any language


Anna Maria Franziska of the Palatinate (née Saxe-Lauenburg, 1672–1741) had this Baroque country house built prior to 1720; it was finished in 1725. Apart from the main hall, the most significant room is the sala terrena underneath. The grottoes connecting to the garden on the ground floor have fountains with sculptural decoration in the shape of Hercules, water deities, sea monsters and angels which are quite remarkable. The Duchess, who after the death of her first husband married the Tuscan Grand Duke, Gian Gastone III, the last male descendent of the Medici family, ran a costly court at Ploskovice. In the 1730s the French terrace garden was remodelled. A gloriette, shown in its 19th century incarnation, serves as a bellevue. In 1764 the house was altered in Rococo style and in 1773 further building alterations were made to the house and greenhouse in the garden. The composition of the garden was simplified from 1816. During a Neo-Baroque reconstruction from 1850–3 for the abdicated ruler Emperor Ferdinand V the upper floor was raised, and pavilions appeared at the end of the Baroque arcade corridors, as well as a new northern portico. The garden was changed into a landscape park and servants quarters grew up after 1816 on the site of a destroyed earlier house.





Church of Our Lady


• wedding ceremonies lasts around 30 min without holy mass or around 60 min with holy mass

• ceremonies are in English

• at least one of you must be baptised Roman-catholic

• available dates – any day, latest at 4.00 p.m.

• capacity of approx. 150 people


The Church of Mother of God before Týn (in Czech Kostel Matky Bozi pred Tynem, also Tynsky chram), often translated as Church of Our Lady before Tyn, is a dominant feature of the  Old Town of Prague, and has been the main church of this part of the city since the 14th century. The church’s towers are 80 m high and topped by four small spires.

In the 11th century, this area was occupied by a Romanesque church, which was built there for foreign merchants coming to the nearby Tyn Courtyard. Later it was replaced by an early Gothic  Church of Our Lady before Týn in 1256.  The church was controlled by Hussites for two centuries. The roof was completed in the 1450s, while the gable and northern tower were completed shortly thereafter during the reign of George of Podebrady.

After the lost Battle of White Mountian (1620) began the era of harsh recatholicisation. In 1679 the church was struck by lightning, and the subsequent fire heavily damaged the old vault, which was later replaced by a lower baroque vault.

Renovation works carried out in 1876–1895 were later reversed during extensive exterior renovation works in the years 1973–1995.

The early baroque altarpiece has paintings by Karel Skreta from around 1649. The oldest pipe organ in Prague stands inside this church. The organ was built in 1673 by Heinrich Mundt and is one of the most representative 17th-century organs in Europe.

St. Cyrillus and Methodius


• type of ceremony – orthodox

• available dates and times – anytime, 10.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

• capacity of the church is approx. 60 people

• length of the ceremony is around 30 min

• wedding ceremony can be in English or Russian  


An orthodox Church of St. Cyrillus and Methodius is well known through its crypt which in 1942 was the last hiding site of seven Czechoslovak paratroopers (members of the British Commandos) sent from England to take part in the underground resistance movement against the Nazi rule installed after the occupation of the Czech lands by the German armed forces in 1939. Their hiding followed the assassination of the top Nazi whose name was Reinhardt Heydrich (the Nazi Protector of the Czech lands and their real ruler). The assassination carried out by two of the hiding paratroopers made the Nazis furious and led to their brutal revenge including the levelling to the ground of Lidice, the village near Prague. As for the inhabitants of the village: all men (173 of them) were shot dead, women sent to a concentration camp and the majority of children gassed (a few of them given to German families for “re-education”). As a pretext for this atrocity it was claimed by the Nazis that the village co-operated with the assassins. This was not true, no evidence of this co-operation ever existed, the village was selected as a target of the Nazi revenge just at random.

The hiding place of the paratroopers was at last betrayed; one morning the church was besieged by the Nazi troops and after a fight lasting the whole morning the paratroopers ran out of ammunition and all seven committed suicide.

Valtice chateau


Valtice is name of a small town and amazing chateau in Moravia, approx. 2,5 hours from Prague. It belongs to the Lednice-Valtice area, complex of beautiful nature, historical buildings and of course wine everywhere. Valtice Chateau was the family seat of the Lords of Liechtenstein,  Lednice Chateau was their summer residence, which replaced  an earlier fort  in the early 17th century.

Wedidng ceremony and reception

There are many options where to hold ceremony and reception:

Chateau Valtice

– wedding ceremony can be hold in rich decorated chateau chapel, beautiful park or one of the chateau hall

– chapel has separate entrance from the ground floor of the main building

– wedding reception can be in representative Dancing hall, largest space of the chateau

– wine tasting of more then 100 samples can be arranged in Salon Vin (Wine saloon), located in the chateau


– hunting lodge, located 3 km from Valtice, was built around the two chateaux.It is a complex of hunting lodges, viewing platforms, farm buildings abd other landscape elements built on swamp land, dried out artificially

– beautiful hall on the top floor can be rented for both ceremony or reception

Colonnade Reisten (Rajstna)

– the colonnade, built on Homole hill called Reisten or Rajstna, with Corinthian columns, built to a rectangular plan, resembles  a triumphal arch due to an attic elevated in the middle part

– art form of the colonnade was probably inspired by a gloriette in the Schonbrunn palace garden in Vienna

– visitors can enjoy extraordinary view from the viewing terrace – view over the territory of three countries – neighbouring with Lower Austria where the colonnade was placed at the time of its creation, from Moravia we can see the town of Mikulov with a castle and Saint Hill, the largest Moravian pond called Nesyt as well as the Pálava Mountains with  the highest peak Devin (550 m), Devicy Castle ruins, and a minaret in Lednice Castle Park. From the then Hungaria (today in Slovakia) the Little Carpathians can be seen, while the town of Valtice and Falkenstein Castle ruins on the horizon once belonged to Lower Austria.


Accommodation can be arranged in many intimate pensions or hotels.

Read the story here:

Tereza and Jakub – blogstorytereza-and-jakub/


Brevnov monastery


• wedding ceremonies lasts around 30 min without holy mass or around 60 min with holy mass

• ceremonies are in English

• at least one of you must be baptised Roman-catholic

• available dates – any day, latest at 5.00 p.m.

• capacity of approx. 150 people


The interiors have preserved a number of baroque- and neo-classical style halls, including the notable Theresian Hall with its magnificent ceiling frescoes. Combined with the adjacent Abbey Refectory, Pompeii Room and Reception Room, it offers a wide selection of catering options.

In contrast to the baroque adornment of the grand building´s upper floor, the medieval gothic spaces on the ground floor are calming. A number of lounges can be found here, such as Sala Terrena or Benedictine Wine Bar. This can be the place where you can feel the spirit of ancient times during your social gathering or banquet.

Sacre Couer


• wedding receptions for up to 200 people
• open bar available (unlimited consumption of house wine, beer and soft drinks)
• type of cuisine: upon wish (catering)
• rental fee is required – approx. 70.000 CZK (approx. 2.120 GBP / 2.590 EUR / 3.500 USD) + 21% VAT


The church Sacre Couer is located in the area of former convent and pension of the ladies of the Heart of Jesus close by to the church of the lord Jesus. Even the most exciting clients to that venue will be surprised by its historical beauty, during wedding receptions, exclusive dinner and social events held there.

The capacity for the served dinner is up to 120 people, for raut up to 200 people.

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Monica and Jesse – blogstorymonica-and-jesse/


Zofin palace VII.

Concept: Elegance * Romance * Simple beauty

Colours: Pale colour shade * White/off white * Peach *  Pale pink

Flowers: Roses * Peonies * Hydrangeas

Flowers by Inspirito 

Photos by Tomas Dittrich

Sasha and Liam

November 2016

Wedding ceremony at the Old Town Hall, reception at Nebozizek

Russian – Irish couple

Sasha & Liam wedding
Sasha & Liam wedding
Sasha & Liam wedding
Sasha & Liam wedding
Sasha & Liam wedding
Sasha & Liam wedding
Sasha & Liam wedding
Sasha & Liam wedding
Sasha & Liam wedding
Sasha & Liam wedding
Sasha & Liam wedding
Sasha & Liam wedding
Sasha & Liam wedding
Sasha & Liam wedding

Double wedding

October 2016

Double civil ceremony at the Vrtbovska garden

Couples from Hong Kong

Hello Andrea,

thank you for everything!



Tian and Ming

October 2016

Symbolic ceremony at the Lobkowicz palace

Chinese  couple

Photo by George Hlobil 

Dear Andrea,

it is very nice to hear from you!

My love and i love the photos very much! Thanks so much for your recommendation of such a good photographer!

Thank you so much!

Sincerely yours


Golden Well


• wedding receptions for up to 42 people in the restaurant

• terrace with a breathtaking view of Prague, capacity of approx. 40 people

• type of cuisine: international, czech

• for exclusivity minimum consumption required

• lodging for the newlyweds and their guests


Hotel is nestled in the Lesser Quarter (Mala Strana), so very close to the Prague Castle and in the neighbourhood of Ledeburg Gardens. During April until October it is possible to enter the Prague Castle directly from our hotel restaurant, as its terrace stays open in this time.

Restaurant offers friendly service and superb dining, International cuisine – French direction, nice selection of wines for very good value. The terrace is located below the castle gardens and has 42 sittings, the restaurant has 34 seats.

All the four floors and our 20 rooms offer romantic and magnificent views of Prague, the city of “hundred spires“. Hotel offers seventeen elegantly appointed rooms (5 twin rooms + 12 double rooms) and three luxurious suites each with its own unique design. Rooms and suites all offer harmonious blend of traditional elegance and contemporary luxury. Authentic reproduction of original antique pieces form XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries have been skillfully crafted by prestigious Richelieu furniture designers, which adds a specific charm and refined timeless elegance to the hotel.

Read the story here:

Vannee and Miller – blogstoryvanee-and-miller/

Jeanie and Kuen – blogstory/jeanie-and-kuen/​



Photograph will tell the story of the day, both the formal and the informal images that represent the wedding day in total. Our professional wedding photographers will capture the highlights of your special day and this is why we opt to work with only the best professionals in the country who have a long track record in photographing weddings in all types of styles, from photojournalistic to traditional poses.

All photographic services are carried out by a top professional with years of practice. We are certain you will love your wedding photos and share your memories from Prague when you return home.

Zofin palace VI.

Concept: Luxury, but natural elegance

Colours: White * Cream * Pale pink *  Peach * Green * Branches

Flowers by Inspirito

Photos by Tomas Dittrich

Monika and Martijn

November 2016

Day 1

Get together BBQ at chateau St. Havel

Day 2 

Wedding ceremony, cocktail and reception at chateau St. Havel

Slovakian – Dutch couple, 80 guests

Dear Andrea,

Hope all is going well.

First of all we would like to thank you for your amazing help throughout all these months building up to the wedding. Your incredible hard work and always on top of the e-mails and organisation at any time of the day. Thanks for being there for us during these 2 wedding days. It wasn’t easy with so many requests and ideas we had and with a big group you managed greatly! we will for sure would like to write a recommendation about you!!

When we have the pictures we will send them over to you!

Thanks as well for organising Mr. Makovicka, he was really great. Would you please pass our best and thanks to him. Great stories from his heart and we received many great and positive feedback about the ceremony and his nice words. The ceremony was very emotional for all and so many people mentioned it was the best ceremony they have attended 🙂 !!

Working with Marketa was as well perfect. the tables, the flowers, Monika her bride bouquet and all decorations were amazing, just as we hoped for. Could you send her our big thank you as well as we didn’t see her at the end.

The great thing we received from everybody was the quality of the food! Friday evening buffet was fantastic, our wedding dinner was great and as well the midnight buffet.

Dj Jirka was great over the 2 days! and the band was as well great! thanks for the recommendation of both!! It shows again your strength in working only with the best!

Again we had a wedding that was as in our dreams and we cant be thankful enough for all your care, hard work and professionalism you had put into this.

Warm regards,

Monika and Martijn

Marta and Nikita

September 2016

Civil ceremony and reception at Villa Richter

Izraeli couple, 40 guests

Photo by Dmitri Tkachuk 

Hi Andrea!!

we enjoyed wedding very much 🙂 We already sent you an email the day after, i guess our internet connection was very weak and you did not get it.

Thank you very much for every thing…the wedding was just as we wanted, but never expected it to be that great when ordering everything blind via the internet. Our family and friends also enjoyed.

Have a great week!

Marta and Nikita






VIP wedding

September 2016

Wedding ceremony and reception at Zofin palace

Czech – Iran couple, 250 guests 

Photo by Ben Yew, backstage Stepan Mikuda

Video by Otash

Everything was said personally….



St. Wenceslas vineyard


• type of ceremony – civil, church (protestant), symbolic

• available dates and time – on request

• ceremonies take place on the top of the wineyard with one of the most amazing view of Prague, the back-up alternative is Glass room at Villa

• capacity is approx. 150 people, seating for 50

• length of the ceremony is around 25 min, however garden is at disposal for 3 hours to take pictures or arrange apero after the ceremony

• civil ceremony is in Czech, translated into English (or any other language), church or symbolic ceremony in any language


St. Wenceslas Vineyard and Richter Villa (a classicist summerhouse from 1836) dominates the area above the Old Castle Steps. The whole complex of the St Wenceslas Vineyard and Richter Villa is rounded off by a panorama of Prague Castle.

The complex offers it’s visitors a unique and undisturbed view of the panoramas of Old town, Lesser Town or the villa Belvedere – come and experience with us the magic of enchanting moments while having Prague in the palm of your hand.

Wedding ceremonies either in the vineyard or at the restaurant are very unique and create and unforgetable atmosphere with an amazing view.

Virtual tour of St. Wenceslas Vineyard


Zofin palace V.

Concept: Classy elegance

Colours: White * Off – white * Grayish * Light pale pink details * Golden accessories together with glass accessoriers to accomplish a modern touch

Flowers: Hydrangeas * Spray roses * Buttercups * Babybreath * Astilbe *

Flowers by Inspirito 

Photos by Tomas Dittrich

Michaela and Peter

August 2016

Wedding ceremony and cocktail at Vrtbovska garden, rception at Alchymist hotel

British cople, 40 guests

Photo by Lukas Legierski


We’re heading home tomorrow:( have had a ball and once again thank you for everything it was perfect.

I have booked to come stay in the alchymist again in January. I miss it that much lol. Also looked at the photos. Really pleased with them. He done a great job.





Valeria and Farhad

August 2016

Wedding ceremony at Obecni dum, cocktail and reception at Boccaccio 

Moldavia – Iranian couple, 60 guests 

Photo by Stepan Mikuda 

Dear Andrea,

How are you doing? Thanks again for the entire planning and organization of the wedding.

We are slowly believing that we actually got married and we had our wedding haha.

Just to let you know once again that all our guests were very pleased with the entire day.

Big compliments from us and our guests for the service at GHB, the cake/sweetbar and the band. They were a hit!

Most people said this was the nicest wedding they had ever been to. A special thanks to you too for the entire organization of the day and taking all the stress away from us.

You are great at your job and it’s obvious you are very passionate.

Thanks alot,

Farhad & Valeria

Zofin palace IV.

Concept: Modern * Minimalistic * Interesting details

Colours: White * Green * Crystals *  Mirrors in accent

Flowers: Orchids * Hydrangeas

Flowers by Frezia Fleur

Jasmine and Karim

July 2016

Wedding ceremony, cocktail and reception at Villa Richter

Norwegian couple, 100 guests

Photo by Stepan Vrzala

Video by Profimovie

Hi Andrea,

Take care and have a fantastic vacation and again thanks for everything ❤️❤️




Almarie and Jilmer

July 2016

Blessing at the Vltava river

American couple

Photo by Lukas Konarik 


We had a great time touring the rest of Prague with Lukas! I can’t wait to see pictures. Thank you again.


Zofin palace III.

Concept: Natural look

Colours: White * Cream * Pink * Ortange, pirple as detail

Flowers: Wild meadow looking flowers

Flowers by Inspirito 

Photos by Tomas Dittrich 


Vicky and Cyrus

June 2016

Elopment wedding at the Old Town Hall 

Hong Kong couple

Photo by Matous Duchek 

Dear Andrea,

How are you? We are good!

Sure, grateful with all your help and arrangement for us. Please advise the format of the testimonial you prefer.




Ashley and Colin

June 2016

Day 1

Pre-wedding dinner at Kolkovna

Day 2

Ceremony, cocktail and reception at Mandarin Oriental 

US couple, 80 guests

Hi Andrea,

We just wanted to thank you again for setting up the most magical evening. Were you able to stop by and pick up the envelope from the Mandarin?

I hope all is well!

Ashley & Collin Amon


Naomi and Gerard

June 2016

Catholic ceremony at St. Thomas church, cocktail and reception at Alchymist hotel

Australian – Irish couple, 50 guests

Photo by Polyanska

Hi Andrea

Thank you again Andrea. All the guests are saying it was the best wedding they’ve ever been too!!! 🙂

PS we had four weddings and each had a wedding cake, but the cake in Prague was the best!!! 🙂

In fact everything in Prague was the best!!

Silje and Torbjorn

June 2016

Day 1

Get together at Hard Rock Cafe

Day 2 

Wedding ceremony, cocktail and reception at The Augustine

Norwegian couple, 100 guests

Photo by Pavlina Jarosova 

Hi girls!

Thank you so much for giving us the best day of our lives! We are just so happy with everything you have done for us!

I thought I`d give you a little resumè of everything, as we spoke about.

Hard Rock Cafè:

Very professional and serviceminded! Please tell Petra that we were so happy with everything there! And also very nice of Bara to take the time to come there to make sure everything was good.

Bara K:

Also SO happy with her! Could not have been any better!

Pavlina and assistant:  

Haven’t gotten the photos yet, but I think we will be very happy! She was very passionate about her work, and we had good chemistry 🙂 Really appreciated that she joined us the extra two hours.


Please let them know that we are extremely satisfied with them! They were so professional, and did a great job with the kids corner. Anna, the babysitter for Kristina and Karoline was also extremely professional and nice!


Wow!!!! It was just amazing! Really worth every penny! One of the highlights this day, for sure.


Very nice work! I was hoping for a little bit sharper colors in the bridal bouquet, but everything was lovely, so it really doesn`t matter! She had made everything beautifully!


OMG! The best band ever! They really deserve a lot of credit! Also one of the top highlights the whole day!

And of course, Andrea & Bara, we cannot even begin to describe how happy we are that we chose exclusiveweddingsinprague! The two of you (and Misa) just deserves all the credit we can give to you! Thank you SO much for everything! I would be happy to write a really good recommendation for you to post at your website, just let me know how I will do it.

Have a good night.

All the best from Silje & Torbjørn


Katka and Karel

June 2016

Wedding ceremny, cocktail and reception at Troja chateau

Czech couple, 150 guests

Photo by Stepan Vrzala

Video by Libor Svoboda 

Mila Andreo,

jeste jednou Vam mockrat dekujeme za skvelou svatbu! Bez Vas by se to nikdy takto nevyvedlo.

Mame obrovske mnozstvi reakci nasich hostu na to, ze to byla krasna svatba a ze se mimoradne vydarila.

Prosim, vyridte nase podekovani i Vasi pani kolegyni.

Mejte se krasne

Katerina & Karel

PS: Muj pan svedek se dnes vyjadril v tom smyslu, ze na hezci svatbe jeste nebyl -:) (a to jich absolvoval pri oblibenosti jeho osoby skutecne velky pocet -:))



Rita and Chris

June 2016

Catholic ceremony at St. Vithus church, reception at hotel U Prince

US couple, 20 guests

Hi Andrea,

Thank you so much for making our wedding such a beautiful experience! On our day, I was just going with the flow of everything and didn’t cry because I keep things internal and calm during big events like this. But watching these videos, and reliving everything from a view outside of my own eyes, I cried! It is so amazing! Otabek and Mikhail did such a lovely job of the video and they were really nice to work with. I am so grateful for their generosity in providing the entire wedding footage. I was waiting for everything before I sent individual and detailed testimonial to all of our wedding team (Otash, Bara & George), especially kudos for you. I will send that by early next week 🙂

That choir was absolutely outstanding and gorgeous. I couldn’t believe it. Wow.

Father Pavek is such a kind and special person and we are so thankful and honoured that he married us.

Prague is very different from the other European cities we have visited and we loved it the most. Can’t wait for a “anniversary” trip back!

Thank you and I will be in touch again with testimonials 🙂

All the best,



Zofin palace II.

Concept: Romantic elegance

Colours: White * Cream * Champagne * Pale pink as detail

Flowers: Roses * English roses * Peonies * Hydrangeas * Sweet pea

Flowers by Inspirito 

Photos by Stepan Vrzala

Doris and Bill

May 2019

Elopment ceremony at Vrtbovska garden

Hong Kong couple 

Photo by George Hlobil

Hi Andrea,

Thank you very much for your help, Prague is the best!!!



Sarah and Terry

May 2016

Elopment wedding at Vrtbovska garden

US couple

Photo by Dmitri Tkachuk


Out of all of the decisions we made about our wedding, working with you and Andrea was easily the best choice we made. It is hard to imagine our day being as beautiful, special and stress free with out you. It was truly a pleasure planning everything with you and we enjoyed getting to know you as well! Every detail turned out absolutely perfect and we cannot recommend Exclusive Weddings enough.

Thank you for everything,

Terry and Sarah Jones


Hi Bara,

I am well, getting settled back into work and married life 🙂 We definitely had a wonderful time while we were there. I hope you are doing well as well!

I would be happy to write up a reference sometime this week and I will email to you as soon as I do.

Thank you again for everything!


Dasha and Nick

May 2016

Day 1:

Catholic ceremony at Vysehrad, cocktail and reception at Villa Richter

Day 2:

River cruise with brunch 

Russian – American couple, 40 guests

Photo by Stepan Vrzala


Yvonne and William

April 2016

Blessing at St. Nicholas church 

Hong Kong couple

Photo by Petr Pelucha

Hi Bara,

“We had the most amazing wedding in Prague with Exclusive Wedding. The team had done an excellent job on organizing the wedding end to end. We’ve never been to Prague before the wedding, but I’ve never had a moment felt out of our control when liaising with our wedding planner. The team had ensured everything well organized before our arrival and I can say our wedding is stress free and you can totally depend on Exclusive Wedding, highly recommend.



Zofin palace

Concept: Luxury * Romantic ceremony * Colorful reception

Colours: White and pink for the ceremony * Red, pink and cream for the reception

Flowers by Atflowers

Photos by Tomas Dittrich

Tony and Chou

March 2016

Elopment wedding at Hluboka castle

Hong Kong couple

Photo by George Hlobil


Tony and Rene

January 2016

Wedding ceremony at Hluboka castle, cocktail and reception at Stekl hotel

Czech-Swiss same sex couple, 80 guests

Photo by Lukas Legierski 

All said personally…




• wedding receptions for up to 100 people
• open bar available (unlimited consumption of house wine, beer and soft drinks)
• type of cuisine – upon wish (catering)
• for exclusivity minimum consumption required – from 70.000 CZK (approx. 2.120 GBP / 2.590 EUR / 3.500 USD)


The splendid 20th century neo-Baroque Boccaccio Ballroom is the meeting place for hosting exclusive events for up to 160 people.The “Boccaccio” marble restaurant hall comes across in a truly fairytale manner, intimate and aristocratic in its Rococo style, with its galleries, boxes and dance floor. What a delightful work of artistic architecture this is with its beautiful stucco and rich decoration of the ceiling presents one with an especially pleasant and unforgettable stay for its visitors thanks to the subdued lighting and discreet melodic music seductively inviting one to dance.

Boccaccio is located in the basement and is linked to the café by a corridor. For visitors not staying at the hotel, there is an entrance leading directly from the street., …..And when the enticing sounds of dance music can be heard coming from Boccaccio in the afternoon and evening, the street in front of the entrance soon fill up with beautiful cars, as the “Five o’clock teas” and “Soireé dansantes” and domestic balls in the Boccaccio hall, soon became the place for regular rendezvous of the whole mondaine Prague society.”

Boccaccio really was a sought-after place among Prague society and not only during the time of the First Republic, but also for several years after World War Two. Jan Masaryk, the Czech foreign minister had a permanently reserved box here on the first floor and the box neighbouring this was reserved for the American ambassador to what was at that time the CSR.

The Boccaccio Ballroom has been restored to all its 1925 splendour as well as the magnificent original parquet floor, beneath a hand-made gold leafed glass chandelier with 4.000 parts.