Bara and Filip

February 2022

Wedding ceremony and reception at chateau St. Havel

Czech couple

90 guests

Photo by Dara Rakovcik

Video by Lukas Kladnicek


thank you once again so much. It was an unforgetable day and Iwe are so happy that all went perfect ❤️.

Bara and Filip

Nada and Rony

December 2021

Wedding ceremony at church of Our Lady 

Wedding reception at Lobkowicz palace

Lebanese couple

50 guests

Photo by Ovsyannikova

Video by Profimovie

Yulia and Stan

Nov 2021

Wedding ceremony at Lobkowicz palace

Izraeli couple

Photo by Ovsyannikova

Nandini and Vaclav

November 2021

Wedding ceremony and reception at Lobkowicz palace

Indian-Czech couple

50 guests

Photo by Kamil and Simona

Video by Primetimevideo


thank uu sooo sooo much
Everything was soo awesome and perfectly on point. It couldn’t have got better than this ….. everything from chairs to table arrangement to cutlery , cake , buffet , sweet bar , the ceremony arrangements were beautiful. We couldn’t have done it without you 💋💋🤗🤗❤️❤️
It turned out to be the best. Everyone is mesmerised with how exclusive and elegant it was.


Lobkowicz palace VI.

Concept: White luxury

Colours: White * Green * Gold

Flowers by Inspirito 

Photos by Tomas Dittrich

Danielle and Darren

October 2021

Wedding ceremony at St. Thomas church 

Wedding dinner at The Augustine 

British couple

10 guests

Photo by Ovsyannikova

Hi Andrea

Life is good. We are great thank you. Crazy that it is all over so quickly. But it was fabulous.

The pictures are beautiful she captured some really lovely moments. I have downloaded it onto the google app. What is your best advice to do with them do you put them on a memory stick or something else. I’m thinking I would like to do something nice with some of them. I will be doing an album of them anyways. But just wondering what you thought.

Danielle x


Glad to hear you are a little better. Thank you, I will look into this for pictures. I appreciate it.

Also thank you so much for everything you helped us with and for everything you did. You made our day so special and beautiful.

And as I said before if you ever come to visit Ireland let us know. we would love it !  You would be very welcome 🙂

Xx D&D xx


The Augustine

Concept: Black and white with gold

Colours: White * Black *  Gold

Photo by Evgeniya Ovsyannkova

Flowers by Inspirito

K10 Hub

Concept: Garden colourful

Colours: White * Lila *  Blush pink * Orange * Yellow * Greenery

Photo by Petra Vosecka 

Flowers by Inspirito

Alex and Akos

September 2021

Wedding ceremony and dinner at Cesky Krumlov

Hungarian couple

4 guests

Photo by Tomas Kasal 

Ahoj Andrea,

We’d just like to say a big-big thank you for your expertise! The cooperation with you was smooth and simple and it felt great that we didn’t had to organize everything ourselves. The ceremony, the speech, the decorations and the photography exceeded all our expectations! Our week in Česky Krumlov will be a fantastic memory and of course you had a lion’s share in that! Is there any platform where we can leave a positive review?

Thank you again!

Alex and Ákos


Dear Andrea,

We’ve received our photos from Tom, and we just wanted to share them with you and also express our gratitude for making our wedding so above and beyond what we imagined 😊

Please feel free to use them in your portfolio. Once again thank you for all your help and we wish you all the best in the future! I hope every single one of your weddings will be as perfect as ours was 🤗

Kindest regards,

Alexandra & Ákos Szabó

Luci and Tobi

September 2021

Wedding ceremony and reception at Panstvi Dlouha Lhota

Czech-German couple

70 guests

Photo by Petra Vosecka

Andrejka! Our heart. Perfect wedding in every detail.  And mainly thanks to coordination. Your job will only be to enjyoy the day from xyour preparation to the end of the party. Andrejka solves out everything for you and look after everything, so you do not need to do anything and just enjoy your day and do not need to do anything. Only you exidt on the dayf for Andrejka. She is also perfect diplomat, finds win-winsolution between you and vendors.

She has natural authority, so you will be in best hands when you are dealing with vendors.Andrejka will do everything to let your dreams come true, whether it is moving the chaors to the tent, taking care of enough drinks for your guests, removing webs from the swing, putting ribbons on the birdal bouquet. preparation of thematic corners or opening doors to the vendors and controlling all goes well. Your wedding is just once in your life, so put your wedding in her hands.

Thank you do much for doing our day so perfect. We will never forget.

Luci and Tobi


Tereza and Kim

September 2021

Wedding ceremony and dinner at Hub Prague

Czech-Denmark couple

70 guests

Photo by Petra Vosecka 

Hi Andrea,

we had a great time! Thank you very much for your help. I am sure that it wouldn´t be such a perfect party without you. Thank you for the wish and hopefully we won´t need your services again 🙂

I will pay for the cocktails shortly.

Wishing you all the best for the future.

Tereza and Kim

Gabi and Bernardo

September 2021

Wedding ceremony at Vrtbovska garden

Wedding reception at the rooftop terrace at Aria hotel

Czech-portugiese couple

12 guests

Photo by Raifa Slota

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for your message.

But, most of all, thank you for the outstanding support since the beginning and until the very end. We truly appreciated your work and we will be recommending it.

And thank you once again for your very professional services. Everything was beyond perfect.

Best wishes,



Mila Andrea,

Chtěli bychom Vám poděkovat za všechno … náš den včera byl perfection.

Paní Kamila byla super, byla jsem moc spokojená s make-up and vlásy. Paní Raifa byla velice příjemná a usměvavá. Obřad byl báječný, hlavně s Portugalskou tlumočnicí. Vaše kolegyně Míša byla bezvadná.

Prostě báječný a nezapomenutelný den ❤️

Jenom jste tam chyběla Vy!

Lucie and Vaclav

September 2021

Wedding ceremony at St. Vithus cathedral

Wedding reception at Lobkowicz palace

Czech couple

60 guests

Photo by Petra Vosecka

Good morning Andrea,

thank you very much for beautiful photos and of course we agree, use it as a promo for your work, so the other enjoy it too.

And thank you once again for everything.

With regards,

Vasek Ston

JC and Betty

August 2021

Day 1 – Slivovice degustation and BBQ at Muzeum Jelinek

Day 2 – Wedding ceremony and reception at Villa Richter

Day 3 – Brunch at hotel Hoffmeister

Czech-Monaco couple

60 guests

Photo by Radek Cepelak 

Hellooooo Andrea,

We and our guests enjoyed a lot !

We got a lot of positive comments and we were greatful to share THIS MOMENT with them.

Talk to you very soon.

Best Regards,




Natalie and Arran

June 2021

Wedding ceremony at Prague crossroad

Wedding reception at the Artiseme

Czech-british couple

50 guests

Photo by Honza Barton

Hello Andrea,

We are well, we are back in London quarantining, but we are enjoying it actually, as it is nice to have this time together.

We loved our wedding day, although to be completely honest, I can’t remember much (apparently that is normal) :). But everyone enjoyed it, everyone said how beautiful it was, the decor, the food, everything 🙂

Thank you so much for the pics of the decor, they look amazing!! Marketa really created something so beautiful. We love it.

Thanks again for everything…we keep repeating this, but it is true – we couldn’t have done this without you!





Ebru and David

June 2021

Wedding ceremony and reception at the Artiseme

Turkish-Czech couple

16 guests

Photo by Petra Vosecka

Dear Andrea,

once again, thank you so much for your amazing work. It was a wedding I could not even imagine having. It was above and beyond.

Everything was amazing. Service, flowers, decor, the weather. Despite that heat, how nicely the seating was organized!

All the guests told us (separate from each other) that they felt like they are on a vacation somewhere in Italy.

Thank you so much

Kind regards



Terezka and Paulo

June 2021

wedding ceremony and reception at bouda Klinovka, Krkonose mountains

Czech-Portugal couple

45 guests

Photo by Jan Pech

Ahoj Andrejko,

děkujeme moc a moc. Svatba byla nádherná, přesně jakou jsme si vysnili a všichni hosté říkali, že to byla nejhezčí svatba, na jaké kdy byli.

Děkujeme za fotky, jsou fakt krásné a přirozené, podařilo se mi zachytit celý den úplně do detailu…Úžasný.

Terka a Paulo


Hi Andrejka,

thank you so much. Wedding was amazing, exactly as we dreamed about and guests said it was the best wedding they have ever been to. Thank you for the pictures, they are really beautiful and natural, he captured the entire day into the details…Amazing…

Terka and Paulo

VIP couple

July 2021

Wedding ceremony and reception at chateau Ratmerice

Czech couple

60 guests

Photo by Lukas Navara 

Good morning Andrejko,

I would like to thank you once again for the wedding. You made it really like a fairytale and you are amazing how did you beautifully created everything.

Thank you very much,


We respect wish of the groom not to be presented at any pics.


Kristina and Lukas

August 2021

Wedding ceremony and reception at Vsetice

Czech couple

70 guests

Photos by Matous Duchek 

Hi Andrejka,

just now after departure of my american family we could catch the breath and say thank you very much for such a lovely and well done wedding.  🙏🏼😊.  We are thankful for all help and support, we know it was not always easy, but you managed it well and very professionally. It came out amazing amd the whole day was absolutelly above our expectations. Many people told us that this was the best and most beautofuil wedding they have ever been and enjoyed it very much.

Thank you and all the best 😊

Kristina and Lukas

Anicka and Mara

September 2020

Wedding ceremony and reception at Stodola Skvorec

Czech couple

Photo by Tomas Hejlek

Video by Jan Bacak


Iva and Jack

Wedding ceremony and reception at Kaiserstein palace

Bulgarian – british couple

Photo by Dmitri Tkachuk 

Morning Andrea,

How are you?

As I said a lot yesterday, thank you for everything. It was better than we could ever imagine! Everyone had great fun and loved all of it from the venue to the food. If you where a restaurant, would give you 5 stars on yelp and google!

If you never need anything or some help, let us know :-).

Best regards,

Jack Etridge

PS. thanks again!


Hello Andrea,

I would like to thank you again for our wonderful wedding. We couldn’t have done it without you! Everyone had a great time.

Please pass our thanks to the photographer for the photos, they look absolutely beautiful. You can use them for your website if you like.

Kind regards,


Evgeniya and Adrian

When I met Evgeniya and Adrian last August, none of us had any idea about what 2020 brings to the whole world. Couple was keen into palace wedding, royal style, with lots of guests. Ideal solution was Zofin palace in the centre of Prague. Guests would come mainly from Russia, Romania and Czech Republic.

We were hoping until end of May that situation will change, but then we realized that this is not gonna happen and especially guests from Russia would not be able to come at all. What to do? Another postponing wozuld be connected with higher penalty in case of cancellation, so we decided to cancel the lovely hall at the palace and started to look at new, smaller venue.

And we cam back to Zofin, not the hall, but perfectly renovated garden and its tent. The new catering company made amazing job and couple was excited. From 150 to 25 guests, big decrease, but life is sometimes unpredictable.

Ceremony was planned at romantic Vrtbovska garden which was perfect for this number of guests. We arranged catering from hotel Aria located right next to the garden, so guests could enjoy Prosecco and homemade lemonades from the beginning they arrived. Bride was escorted with her mum and bridesmaids in vintage Bentley from 1948. Harpist and violin players accompanied romantic ceremony and guests admired beautiful flower.

Garden is perfect for photos, while guests enjoyed drinks and music. Newlyweds continued with photographer to a few spots, while guests arrived to Zofin garden. The canapees looked perfect and was really tasty. Couple really wanted to spoil their guests, so bar was full of branded alcohol, men enjoyed gentlemens corner with cognac, and cigars, while ladies had their chill out zone with champagne, chocolate pralines and macaroons.

My expectation for the future is that weddings will be smaller, but very precize, with focus on every single detail. Couples will do their best to make their closes feel very spoiled and I xcould recognize it at this wedding already.

But not only family and friends were surprised by generosity of the couple. Since many people could not attend the wedidng, they recorded messages and  created songs for couple which were shown during the evening. What a surprise!

Excellent moderator Konstantin guided newlyweds and guests during the entire evening, excellent team with italian DJ Sergio.

What to say at the end? We were very sad about change of the plans, but at the end wedding turned out into amazing event where all guests enjoyed every minute., And not to forget excellent first dance!

All the best and lots of love, Evgeniya and Adrian!

Dream team:

Ceremony venue – Vrtbovska garden 

Reception venue – Zofin garden

Photo – Dmitry Tkachuk 

Flowers – Frezia Fleur 

DJ – Sergio Bertolucci 

Moderator – Konstantin Novikov

Stationery – Decorista 

Ceremony music – Hedvika Moussa Bacha 

Vintage car – Jaroslav Sebek 




Evgeniya and Adrian

July 2020

Wedding ceremony at Vrtbovska garden 

Wedding reception at Zofin garden 

Russia – Romanian couple

Photo by Dmitri Tkachuk 

Our wedding would not be possible without all people supporting us and helping us to make this day unforgettable! Thanks to Andrea  we were able to relax and absorb the fullness of our wedding while spending time with our loved ones, forgetting about any worry of such event! Konstantin Novikov and Sergio Bertolucci created such an amazing, relax and fun atmosphere at the event! Thanks to @nkstudio_cz for my makeup and my incredible Vika @hairstylist_kharavets for my hairstyle❤️ I was lucky to manage to get my dress from @bridalgallerynn ! Frezia Fleur created beautiful decorations and bridal bouquet! Dmitriy Tkachuk we couldn’t find the better person to capture this day! Thanks Zofin garden for great food and service!

We were so lucky to have you all!❤️

Maria and Andrejs

June 2020

Wedding ceremony at House at the Stone Bell

Wedding reception at Kampa Park

Russia – Latvian couple

Photo by Evgeniya Ovsyannikova

Irena and Alex

June 2020

Wedding ceremony at Vrtbovska garden 

Lithuanian couple

Photo by Evgeniya Ovsyannikova

We have chosen Andrea as our wedding planner. We wanted someone to take care of all the formalities and to make our wedding day special. The preparation process for the wedding was very good: Andrea is very warm person, she has natural organizational skills and takes your request seriously. She explained the preparation process and we could contact her anytime we needed, so communication was amazing! Also she would always reply within hours. On the wedding day everything we needed was always taken care of. The wedding ceremony and the whole day was just perfect! We really felt like we do not need to care for anything except to relax and enjoy our special day. After our wedding went even better as we expected we are really glad to recommend Andrea as a wedding planner!


Mathilde and Claude

We tried to find some unique venues for you, where we can make it different. One of them is Artiseme, beautiful garden and hall in the centre of Prague, just few steps from the Charles bridge.

Dream team:

Venue Artiseme

Planning and coordination by us

Photo – Stepan Vrzala

Video Otash

MUA Beauty Bar

Flowers Inspirito

Plates, cutlery, tablecloth Stool

Stationery Decorista

Gown, veil Nuance

Glass NFCP

Jewelry MOOYYY



  • located in Velkopřevorský palace
  • type of cuisine – upon wish (catering)
  • rental fee required

Wedding ceremony

  • wedding ceremony can be arranged in the garden under “Beethoven tree” or in historical Nika in the garden

Wedding reception

  • in the garden up to 150 people
  • in the interior up to 60 people


Imagine birds chirping, flowers blooming, and the shade of a 300-year-old tree in an eclectic spacious palace garden (1,100m2),  all while sitting in the heart of historic Prague in Malá Strana. Sounds like just the memorable place you were looking for?

Artisème garden is a perfect place for your special event. Its convenient location in the city center makes it easily accessible for both suppliers and guests, while its secluded character and tranquil atmosphere make it feel like a city escape.

Consisting of both indoor and outdoor venues, you can rent both the Artisème garden as well as beautiful garden lounge, Sala Terrena, too. Its interior is a combination of original Baroque frescos and modern design, and the iconic french windows boast character from both inside and outside.


Our work

Exclusive Weddings in Prague is wedding planning agency, specialized in a la carte weddings. What does it mean? We will assist you in entire planning proces, as is our specialisation. We do not provide any partial services, like coordination of the wedding day only. Why? We do not believe that partial service would work. We are captain of the ships and need to have everything under control. Ae need to know about every single detail of your wedding and this can not be fillfilled if we are not involved into organisation from the beginning.

So how does it actually work? Let me explain from the beginning.


Couples are usually contacting me with knowing some basic details – when should the wedding be, what type of ceremony are they looking for and how many guests approximatelly are coming.

I prefer personal contact, but since majority of our clients live abroad, we usually organise skype call etc. This gives me much more clear idea of what are the couples looking for.

According to this we prepare for them list of suggested venues for the ceremony and reception, sample budget and all required details. Most of the couples are coming to visit Prague, ideal solution to see the venues personally, meet possible vendors, arrange tastings.

Once we sort out the date and venues, we prepare contract and couples pay deposit. Then starts the funny part – planning.


We will create together  team that will make your dreams true. We will recommend the right vendors, arrange their contracts and price negotiation, attend all meetings with them.

a) Budget and schedule

Everyone wants to have financies under control, so we will prepare detailed budget updated on regular basis. We will control all contracts, check payment terms and make sure everyone is paid on time. Detailed wedding timeline will be also upgraded accordingly.

b) Paperwork

We will help you with all paperwork. We have 20 years of experiences that enables us to help with any dofficult paperwork. According to your nationality we tell you exactly what do you need and where to get it. We require to have papers here latest 5 weeks prior to the wedding day and we will do the rest here – arrange translation, prepare all the forms and deliver it to the registry office.

You will then only need to arrive few days prior to the wedding day so we can visit regiszry office and foreign police (required for non EU citizens).

c) Flowers, decor and design

Honestly we are not biggest fans of totally designed weddings. The fact that you both like pink colour does not have to mean that the whole wedding will be pink, from the tie to the lingerie, all flowers, cake and napkins. We like when it all corresponds together and visually looks good.

How can we make this happen? This is team cooperation, mainly with the  florist, graphic and cake designer. We ask what do you like, if there is something you would like to have at your wedding at the basic stage. We prepare first moodboard for the flowers, according to your wishes. Then we continue with stationery and cake. Wedding cake and sweets plays significant role on the wedding day. The look of the cake corresponds with the flowers and entire design. Stationery is not only about the invitations, the same importancy has menu, name tags, welcome sign, wedding  programs etc.

Design means also furniture, candleholders, linen, napkins, cutlery etc. There are companies with good selection and we will help you to choose the right items.

d) Food and beverages

At indian weddings food plays the major role and we totally agree. There is nothing worse then hungry and thirty guests. We have many years of experiences and will help you to order the right amount of food, combination of the courses so it goes well together, food styling and presentation etc.

Couples are sometimes asking about the open bars versus actual spend, how much wine shall they order etc. According to the venues and their conditions we help to to solve out one of the biggest part of the budget…We help to choose the right wine with the selected menu.

e) Foto and video

Very important part of the wedding. Please do not save money on this. These are memories that stays forever. We have very good selection of local photographers and cameramen, should couples bring their own photographer from abroad, we will show her/him venues in advance and provide with all necessary details.

f) Music and entertainment

What would be wedding without music? Wedding ceremony makes us often cry already when I listen first tones…We will recommend music over the ceremony and cocktail, together we decide about reception music and party. Couples are often asking for some entertainment. Based on the style of the wedding and venue we help you to put together evening program. Just make sure there are not too many activities, it might be worse then better…


Once we have our team, we will  focus on the details finalisation:

  • Assist you with tracking RVP
  • Arrange accommodation for everyone
  • Guide you with photo list, so we do not forget anyone
  • Distribute the wedding timeline to all vendors

Week before wedding we will accompany you to the required office, pick up any rental items, coordinate the ceremony rehearsal. Most of the couples are having pre-wedding dinner, day after brunch, so we help to organise this and coordinate is as well.

And – final day is here…We are fully at your disposal the entire day.

  • We will greet and assist all vendors with proper set-up and design of the ceremony and reception area, as well as set up of items such as placecards, guestsbook, favors, programms.
  • We are available to do last minute errands and work as „Go-To“ person for all vendors and wedding party, to ensure you enjoy your day.
  • We will manage the timing of events, are available in case of any emergency and for any questions.
  • Line-up and cue the wedding party to walk down the aisle, coordinate the ceremony music.
  • We will assist photographer and cameraman, ensure that all photos from the list are taken.
  • Coordinate all reception details like grand entrance, cake cutting, blessings and toasts, first dance, bouquet toss etc
  • Ensure the day runs on schedule and vendors receive final payments.
  • At the end of the day arrange night transportation, pack everything for you, collect all wedding gifts, cake top etc.

Our work does not finish at night. We organise and attend brunch, breakfast, boat tour or whatever couple plans the day after.

We will deliver all documents to the registry office and arrange the marriage licence, return rental items like florists vases, linens.

Our work will finish when you receive marriage licence and all photos and video.

Easy, no? We will enjoy it together!

Being wedding planner

Being wedding planner…

Hiring a wedding planner is no easy task. Being a wedding planner isn’t a regulated industry like being a lawyer—there’s no degree or overseeing institution that accredits planners, so the entire proces might be challenge!

We are offering full-service planning, in fact around 200 hundred hours of work on your dream day, so what do we actually do?

  1. Help to hire vendors

We will help you to book every professional for your dream day, from officiator to band and stylist. Even if you already found your venue, we are here to manage the conversation, negotiating rates and providing timeline.

Are you in the proces of choosing the venue? We will arrange site inspection, visit with you all the venues, inform you about pros and possible difficulties to make sure you made the best choice.

  1. Not just the wedding day

Planning pre-wedding dinner, brunch the day after, meet and great on the boat? We are here to help, this is part of our services, built in the contract. We attaned all meetings, site inspection, arrange ceremony rehearsal etc.

Some venues are offering their in-house wedding coordinator, but please bear in mind that that person will likely only be coordinating the specific details that venue is responsible for providing, like food. They may not be focused on helping you juggle all the little details that will make your special day so special.

  1. Design and production

In addition to planning we help with design and production. We conceptualize the look and vision the whole day. This is always team work – from couple´s vision to the cooperation between us, florist, lighting company, venue manager. We help with the decisions that will give your event a stylish and sophisticated look.

  1. More then decor

We love to create design for your wedding, choose the right colours, discuss desserts, but our work is also about else. Succesfull planning is more then just the beauty. We keep your  event running on time, function as mediator between you, vendors and also the guests. We will of course focus mainly on you, but ensure yor guests will feel comfortable and have memorable experiences. Deliver welcome bags to the guest room, remove the red wine stain from the dress, call taxis, all those large and small details make guests experience.

  1. Team work

There are always minimum 2 onsite coordinators on the wedding day. People responsible for catering, transportation, decor, everyone has its own duties. And head planner being on the top of the pyramide. We will fight for your wedding viison and keep everything on track.

We are on the market for more then 20 years already. Our position is very strong, we built great relations with many vendors, which sometimes allows us more then expected.  We are repeating business, so vendors aim to make us happy and hire them again.

  1. Budgets and contracts

We create the budget for every client and manage the payment schedule. Sounds easy, but this is very responsible part of our work, since we operate with your funds. We can stretch your budget because we know what’s more important.

  1. Full service means also little things

Tiny details like steaming clothes, arranging group photos. We are on-hand from the moment

you hire us to the day you receive marriage licence and final photo and video are delivered.

  1. Trust

We are here to organise one of the most amazing day in your life. And this is huge responsibility! We need to feel immediate trust at this long journey with a lot of emotions…

Sincerely yours,



Wedding editorial

Wedding editorial is not easy…You need to choose carefully location, discuss flowers, find the right model and dress and many other things. And if you plan to do it outside, weather should be good. At least a little….But the result might be something unique, something that has wov efect and you say that trhis is really pretty. It is cooperation between all vendors and venue, storry that tells more about your personality too.

We like something new, not traditional, so we decided to use different flowers, actually just greenery – olive branches and hop.

Hope you will enjoy it like we did! This is how we see dream…

Dream team:

Planning and coordsination by us

Photo – Stepan Vrzala

Flowers Inspirito

Plates Eterle

Gown, suit, veil – Nuance

Cutlery – NFCP

venue – chateau Ploskovice


Babeth and Roberto

Babeth and Roberto, very nice couple living in Switzerland, met us first time a few months before their wedding. Babeth has czech roots and Roberto is italian. His family owns a farm producing excellent olive oil.

Couple wanted summer party in Prague, somewhere where is greenery and people will feel like at the summer party. They falled in love with Villa Richter.

Babeth was deciding whether we go with kind of rustic style or would do white and cream, more classy flowers. Since we wanted to use olive oil as a gifts to the guests, make olive oil station (with different foccaccia and cheeses), we decided to stay with natural style.

Many couples go with pale tones, but Babeth went out of the crowd and we all absolutelly loved mix of flowers and colours. It matched perfectly their style.

Althought it was August,weather was not perfect that day and we decided to have the ceremony inside, at the glass hall, followed by cocktail on the covered terrace.  Babeth wss not happy about it, but it just happenes sometimes. I personally think that the ceremony inside was just stunning…

Guests were enjoying lot of good italian wine, eating foccaccia and olive oil and taking pictures. Dinner followed after, speaches were very emotional.

And next – dance, dance dance till the morning.

Babeth and Roberto, Gracie mille per tutto….

Dream team:

Venue: Villa Richter 

Photo: Dmitri Tkachuk 

Flowers: Frezia Fleur 


Masha and Ravi

Masha and Ravi was our first wedding in the year 2019, They got married in April. This incredible couple lives in Amsterdam, but Masha is from Russia and Ravi from India. They met at the university, travelled all around the world and we were really happy that for their wedding they decided for Prague.

Their celebration started on Friday at Duplex, club with amazing view located at the Wenceslas square.

For their big day they falled in love with Large hall at Zofin palace, no doubt, it is just incredible. Since They legally got married in Holland before, symbolic ceremony was provided by their friend at Major´s hall. Guests enjoyed cocktail and pictures in front of the palace after the ceremony. Harpis and violin performed during the ceremony and moved outside for cocktail after.

Dinner started about 2 hours later, guests were excited by  the beauty of the hall.

First dance was perfect  beginning of the party, Masha wanted saxophonist to acompany DJ which was great idea. Mix of russian and indian songs with traditional dancing was cool.

Masha and Ravi, wishing you all the best in the future!

Dream team:

Venue: Zofin palace

Catering: Zatisi catering

Photo: Kamil and Simona

Video: Otash

Flowers: Inspirito

DJ: MC Eric

Harp and violin: Hedvika Mousa Bacha

MUA: Bara  by Bridal Beauty

Sabrina and Jan

As usually, also this year we organised weddings for couples from all around the world. One of them was Sabrina, french-canadian and Jan, czech, living in JAR. We have never seen them before, due to their move from Canada to Africa during the planning they had no time to come over…

Couple arived with their children week before, so we had enough time to choose wine, see venues and get to know each other :-).

Wedding celebrations started on Friday by  great dinner at Cafe de Paris. Guests got great sparkling wine, small quiches as a starter and after while got seated.Their signature meal is Entrecote de Paris, served with green salad and fries, delicious…Staff was amazing and everyone had great time. Selection of traditional french dessertes was sweet end of the day one.

Couple knew from the beginning that they want their wedding at Villa Richter. Sabrina got ready there from the morning with her closest, Jan arrived at noon with children.

Civil ceremony started at 2.30 p.m., guests were invited already an hour before to get a drink and enjoy the view. Sun was shining and beautiful Sabrina entered to the ceremony with her Brother while string quartet played her favourite song from Love actually…

Cocktail followed after the ceremony, we prepared for the guests spanish ham cut by the chef, selection of french cheeses, canapees and good wine and Prosecco.

Since the weather was great, we spend at the vineyard more then 2 hours before we entered Villa for the dinner. French foie gras as a starter was followed by pumpkin soup and couple followed czech tradition and ate it from one plate with one spoon, as a symbol of unity. Another tradition was break of the plate, when couple needs to swap it together, again as a symbol of unity and sharing of all responsibilities, including cleaning :-).

Rolled chicken as a main was delicious and after it we prepared cake with sweet bar on the terrace. After cake and coffee we moved to the upper floor for dancing. Everyone got a sparkle and couple walked the line.

Dancing, drinking, eating burgers, schnitzels and salad as a late snack – that was the plan till 3 in the morning when the party was over.

Boat trip was planned for Sunday afternoon and couple left on well deserved honeymoon on Monday.

Sabrina and Jan, we will never forget you…All the best!

Dream team:

Photo: Stepan Vrzala

Flowers: Inspirito

Cake: PragueCityCake

Venue: Villa Richter 

Hair: Jitka Novotna

Babysitting: Andelin

DJ: Jirka Brezina

String quartet: Hudba na svatby

Band: Ajfrband

Stationery: Graphite

Appoline and Stanley

Burkina Fasso and Czech origins, living in Las Angeles, that is african princess Appoline and Stanley. They contacted me almost year before their wedding and from the begining we felt great connection.

Couple said that they already have their venue, which surprised me a bit according to their wishes ans style, but we started to work immediatelly on design, flowers, discuss food and drinks. Stan is chef at one fabulous hotel in LA, so we knew that food and drinks will be very important.

Appoline decided to come over and see everything. She arrived just at the bweg of the year, together with mum, sister and friends. They were all so pretty and of course very exotic for us. But we found the provblem – Appoline told me that she has never seen their dream venue in reality, Stan was there as a guests at the wedding years ahgo and this was just not she expected. We had one day to find the right place, so I called immediatelly venues that might fit, we jumped into the car and went to see them. I will never forget how ladies climbed up to the Prague castle, with autum jackets and shoes, in minus 5….But it was definitelly worth!

Appoline falled in love with Lobkowicz palace and althought the venue was 3x more expensive then the original one, couple decided to book it. For the ceremony I kindly asked St. Vithus church and the priest waas so nice to accept ua for the ceremony

We had to change a bit design, since Lobkowicz needs something else, but it was not difficult, Appoline has great taste and know what she wants. Ladies from Africa usually ask for rich and tall decor, full of flowers and that was the case. Lobkowicz palacec has very nice plates and cutlery, so we decided to use their.

The invitations were done in the US, but we organized here menus, name tags, seating plan and  booklet to the church and welcome sign. All went very nicely together.

Sister of Appoline helped us with the music, international and african vibes, so we made pretty cool playlist.

Couple arrived to Prague week before, so we had enough time to do the final tasting at the palace. Cake was arramnged by a friend of Stan, who is pastry chef at one luxury hotel.  Mum baked absolutelly delishes cookies and some other sweets and friend from Moravia arranged great wine.

The party started on Thursday in Pilsner, home town of Stan.  We all stayed at Marriott sand enjoyed african evening with their music, african food ans good wine and beer.

Everyone left Pilsner on Fri noon, we went directly to Prague Archbishop´s to meet the priest and do the ceremony rehearsal. Everything ready for BIG DAY!

Saturday welcoemd us with sun, girls were staying at Mandarin Oriental , at suite in the garden, with a little terrace. Couple decided to hire Cristiano Osttinelli, one of the most famous photographer. It was worht, their pics are just fabulous…

Ceremony was something. Something you never forget…Organisation is definitelly not piece of cake at this church. There are always hundreds of people around and church is closed just a few minutes before the ceremony starts. All the guests were absolutelly perfect, bride was waiting at the other courtyard with bridesmaids and as soon as church allowed us to enter, we moved inside.

Choir, organs, beautiful bride and bridesmaids escorted by groomsmen, it all looked stunning. Ceremony took about an hour and then we all walked through the courtyard to the Lobkowicz palace, about 10 mins walk.

I like to work with Lobkowicz, everything works there, I do not need to worry about anything. We spend an hour with champagne and canapees, took family pics and after that guestsc were asked to get seated in the lovely Kaiser hall. Flowers were everywhere and it was so pretty…Newlyweds did not enter just somehow, we prepared special show when bridesamids entered with groomsmen, their name were always announced and every couple prepared little dance show. Nelyweds entered as last, of course.

Food was very tasty, Moravian wine accompanied it very nicely and after each course was set of speaches. Couple did their first dance before the cake cutting, it followed right after. Bridesmaids got changed in the meantime, since they prepared special dance performance for the beginning of the party. Appoline changed her dress also and they showed guests how african girls can dance! Very attractive.

The rest of the night was about drinking, eating, dancing and having fun. It was one of the most amazing weddings, I met so many nice people and hope will have a chance to see them again…



Nadia and Jason

January 2020

Wedding ceremony sat Lobkowicz palace

Australian – US couple

Photo by Kamil and Simona

Hi Andrea,

Hope you are well too! Thank you for sending the link to the photos – came out lovely!

Have a wonderful week.

Best regards,

Nadia & Jason


How to save money

There is never enough money, as people say and nowadays, in corona crisis, we will propably have to think about ways how can we save something.

Wedding is occassion that is not absolutelly necessary, but will bring you lot of happiness, joy and one of the most beautiful day in your live. It is like choosing holiday – you will spend some money, but memories willl always stay in our hearts.  And this value is countless.

This all does not mean that your wedding has to loose the charm… We just need to think about it and quality of the wedding won´t be affected at all.

Here are a few tips from professionals:


  1. Weekday versus weekend – believe that many vendors gives you better conditions for wedding during the week.
  2. Season – weather is lovely also in October and you can again save money
  3. Ceremony in the afternoon means that you do not need to serve lunch
  4. Wedding website – this is not even that much money saver, but definitelly better for timing, Instead of time spent by answering questions about venue, gifts or transport, prepare wedding website, where your guests find all answers.
  5. Choose venue that does not require own vendors. I am sure they might be great, but maybe more expensive.
  6. Find venue that looks great already without decor and flowers. Venues that need transformation will always cost you lot of money – rent of furniture, equipment, decor etc.
  7. Althought photobooth is great idea, use Polaroid if you need to save money. As a nice backdrop can be f.e. flowers from the ceremony.
  8. Transportation costs – choose all under one roof location, or venus that are close to each other and guests can walk from one to the other.
  9. Consider carefully number of guests. Trendy are smaller weddings, but designed into details.


  1. Be green – greenery is cheaper then flowers, but can look very elegant and classy. You can also combine it with the flowers, but greenery will remain dominant.
  2. Use seasonal flowers.
  3. Use ceremony flowers at the reception. Cerenony should look sumptuous and classy, but flowers will b ethere for around an hour…Think about it and ask your florist to create ceremony decor the way you can use it later.
  4. This saving is another big trend – instead of room full of flowers focus on one main decor. It can be f.e. beautiful ceremony arch at the entrance to the hall, or flower cloud above the dance floor.
  5. Be organic and compose fresah fruit into the decor. You can also spray it by gold or silver.
  6. Use artificial flowers. Believe us that nowadays you can find beautiful artificial flowers that look like real. Bridal bouquet should be from fresh flowers, but the opther decor can be combined.


  1. Do not print menus for everyone, 2-3 pieces per table are enough. Or write menu on a board that can be seen by everyone.
  2. It ia also not necessary to have name tags. Prepare seating plan with guest names, but everyone can find own seat at the table. Believe it works very well.


  1. One of the biggest items of the budget is alcohol and we are sure you would like to host your guests well. In case you need to decrease your budget, pay just for wine, beer and soft drinks, or choose only certain type of spirits you will pay for. Not necessary to pay for 50 years old whisky…
  2. Champagne/Prosecco is often served before and after the ceremony, as a toast, together with the cake. This is not necessary and you can reduce it.
  3. Choose carefully menu. You can save money if you do not offer seafood, steaks or veal.
  4. We know that buffet is less formal but also cheaper then served meal. Or you can combine your dinner – family style starters, served main course and buffet table with sweets.
  5. Should you cut the cake later in the evening, not as a dessert, cake can be smaller. Not everyone will eat it in the evening, like ladies on diet….
  6. Skip food that requires additional staff you would pay for – chef making fresh sushi, pasta etc.
  7. Combine late snack and gifts for guests – make edible favours like fresh popcorn, cookies etc.
  8. Use local sources.

Bunny and Peter

One of the most amazing weddings this year was wedding of Bunny and Peter. Bunny is beautiful ballet teacher from Hong Kong and her colours were pink and gold. She wanted to have her dream wedding within this colours, romantic, sweet, but also classy.

We decided for church blessing at St. Nicholas church, followed by river cruise for the guests (while newlyweds took photos) and wedding reception at Grand hotel Bohemia – Boccaccio hall. The hall was just perfect – with lots of gold and drama.

Because of ballet, we  arranged two big swans to the entrance, where guests got pink champagne welcome drink, poured from pretty crystal jar. Tables were mix of tall flower decor and high candelabras, so it wasn´t that uniformal.

Special care was given to the wedding cake and sweet bar that was again in gold and pink. We added little swans to the cupcakes, cakec was with the monogram and we arrange curtain behind the sweet bar to add romantic feeling.

Guests enjoyed buffet style dinner, speeches and first dance. A few dances followed after and then was already time to go home – it was very long day.

Bunny and Peter spent another day by photos in this lovely city, changing dresses and style of hair and make-up.  I am sure they will have beautiful memories from Prague.


Maddie and Andy

November 2019

Wedding ceremony at the Old Town Hall

Wedding reception at hotel U Prince

British couple

20 guests

Photo Matous Duchek 

Laura and Sean

May 2007

Wedding ceremony at St. Ludmila church 

Wedding reception at Zofin

Irish couple

60 guests 

Hi Andrea

Its very nice to hear from you!!! We are enjoying married life (well so far ha ha) and had a great week off – we are both back to work monday which we are not looking forward to boo hoo…..

We also dont mind you giving out our email address as we would only be too happy to tell anyone thinking of having a wedding in prague that it is well worth it and all our dreams came true for our special day and its all down to you and your team.

We want to say thank you once again for all your hard work and for everything running smoothly and we were extremely impressed with Zofins it was all fabulous – so THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Ps dont forget to let us know about baby once he/she comes along.


Laura and Sean (Mc Grathova)


Dear Andrea

Thank you for the pictures you look fabulous (and also Tom) and can t wait to see pictures of the baby when he/she finally arrives.

We just wanted to let you know we received our wedding album and marriage certificate today and were very very pleased with the pictures – as with all of our wedding you (and the photographer) have left us feeling delighted and so very happy we chose you to plan our wedding. As we have said already it was the best day of our lives and we are very happy you were there to share it with us – so from both of us THANK YOU – a million times over.

Also we received the money in our account thank you.

We want to wish you good luck for the coming weeks and hopefully everything will go alright for you – dont forget to send on pictures to us when you get a chance and keep in touch.

Lotsa Love and best wishes

The McGraths

Vera and Zolti

October 2019

Wedding ceremony at Bitov caatle

Lunch on the boat

Cake and coffee at hotel Bitov

Czech – Hungarian couple

30 guests

Photo by Studio Nix 


Melissa and Adam

October 2019

Wedding reception at Villa Richter

Mexican couple

35 guests

Photo by Petr Pelucha 

Hello Andrea!

Oh my goodness, everything was wonderful & perfect— I wish I could thank you in person. We had such an amazing time, it was beautiful.

I hope you are recovering okay. 🙁

All the best,






Appoline and Stanislav

Sept 2019

Wedding ceremony at St. Vithus cathedral, cocktail and reception at Lobkowicz palace

Burkina Fasso – Czech couple living in USA

110 guests

Photo by Cristiano Ostinelli

Video by Otash 

Dear Andrea,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how grateful we are for the amazing wedding planning you have done for us.

We couldn’t have done it without you and couldn’t hope for a better wedding planner. The results were astonishing and beyond what we hoped for.

I am sure many will say that you were just doing your job but I hope you know you are did more than that for us. You made our dreams come true and helped create unforgettable memories.

When we started working with you, I did not know what to expect. Not speaking the language and not knowing much about wedding planning, I felt overwhelmed at first but you made the process so much easier and more manageable.

You are not only good at what you do, but also you are always on top of things and everything was of quality. What I like the most about you is that you are honest and you care. Those are the amazing things about you that truly make you special.

I knew with you things were handled and I was always getting the best.

I hope to stay in touch and catch up over coffee or drinks the next time we are in Prague.

We wish you continued success in your business and will definitely recommend your services.

You are truly a great wedding planner and we loved working with you!


Thank you Andrea!

Appoline & Stanislav


Hi Andrea,

Sorry for the delayed response, we’re still slowly settling back. I hope all is well with you. We have returned and painfully getting back to reality.

We had such a great time and you are just amazing! 😍

Speak to you soon.



Sabrina and Jan

Sept 2019

Wedding ceremony, cocktail and reception at Villa Richter

Frenchcanadian – czech couple living in South Africa, 110 guests

Photo by Stepan Vrzala

Hello Andrea,

We are back in South Africa and we would like to thank you for all your hard work for our wedding.

You have pulled together an incredible event and really went the extra mile for us. Everyone at the wedding had a wonderful time, including us, as we were completely stress free because of you. Many complimented on the flawless organization, All the vendors you had recommended did an amazing job, really everything was absolutely perfect. I wish words could better describe how mind blowing everything was.

Many of our friends had such a great time that they want us to redo it all for our 5 year anniversary 🙂 Maybe 10… but in any case, you can be assured you will be the first one we call 🙂

With all our gratitude,

Jan & Sabrina


table setting


• type of ceremony – symbolic, protestant

• available dates and times – anytime, 10.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

• capacity of the church is approx. 120 people

• length of the ceremony is around 30 min

• wedding ceremony is in English

Important note – wedding ceremonies at St. Nicholas church can be organised only for the members of Husitten church (at least one from the couple). All other couples must first have civil wedding ceremony either in their home country or at the Town Hall in Prague, after that they can receive blessing in this church.


The current St. Nicholas church, designed by Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer, was completed in 1735. It wasn’t until 1901, when the Krenn House was demolished that the Baroque façade was visible from the older square. The white façade is decorated with sculptures made by Antonin Braun. The marvellous interior of the church is inspired by the chapel of St. Louis-des-invalides in Paris. The delicate stucco decoration was executed by Bernardo Spinetti, the frescos were made by Peter Adam the Elder.

In 1781, after emperor Jozef II ordoned the closure of all monasteries without a social function, all decoration in the church was removed. From 1870 to 1914, the church was used by the Russian orthodox congregation. During the second World War, Czech army units were stationed in the church. During that period, artists, who otherwise would have had to go to the front, were set to work by a colonel to restore the church. After the war, the church was handed over to the Czech Hussite movement.

Virtual tour from the St. Nicholas Church



Rebeka and Milan

September 2019

Wedding ceremony at Brevnov Cloister

Wedding reception at pension V Polich 

Czech – Slovakian couple

100 guests

Photo by Honza Pech 


Janka and Fabian

August 2019

Wedding ceremony at Pruhonice castle

Wedding reception at Sokolovna Pruhonice

Slovako – italian couple,100 guests

Photo by George Hlobil

Video by Primetimevideo

Ciao Andrea,

thanks a lot for your great help to organize our wedding. Everybody enjoyed a lot J

Thanks again for your help and support, keep in touch when you will be back.

Janka & Fabian


Sarah and Ivo

August 2019

Day 1:

Pre-wedding dinner at Pivolod

Day 2:

Wedding ceremony, cocktail and reception at Lobkowicz palace

Chinese – czech couple, 80 guests

Photos by Matous Duchek 

Video by The Moments

Dear Radka,

it was absolutelly fantastic! We couldn´t be happier. Let alone that several guests have told us that this was the best wedding they had ever been to. Bog thank you!

Thank ou very much for helping us to organize such a wonderful wedding! You and Michaela were super thoughtful and got everything under control. Not to mention your precision on 3.38 starting time were impressive. Big thank you from bottom of my heart!

Sarah and Ivo


Babeth and Roberto

Aug 2019

Wedding ceremony, cocktail and reception at Villa Richter

Swiss-italian couple, 70 guests

Photo by Dmitri Tkachuk

Dear Radka,

we‘re back to Switzerland started to work again. We had a lovely and wonderful time in Prague and Ratmerice, also because of you!!! Thank you very much for everything! It was great and I‘m very thankful having you as our wedding coordinator! You did great work and it was fun with you!!! Thank you!!!

We are also looking forward to the photos, I‘m excited to see them all!!!

We wish you also all the best and it was a pleasure meeting you!

Warm regards,

Babeth & Roberto


Kim and Sebastian

4 days luxury wedding in Aug 2019

Day 1

Tour of Prague and party at The Augustine

Day 2

Rehearsal dinner on the boat

Day 3

Wedding ceremony at Vrtbovska garden, followed by reception at Villa Richter

Day 4

Brunch at The Augustine

American – Columbian wedding, 55 guests

Photo by Kamil and Simona

Video by Otash

Hi Andrea,

we are back in the states! It was such a pleasure to spend time with you and get to know you! We really had a wonderful time and all the events turned out just beautiful. We hope to see you next time we are in Prague 😀

Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and have some more trips planned for yourself!

Best Regards,

Kimberly Gettenberg


Thank you from mum of the bride:


It was a wonderful week.  I enjoyed every moment.  You were kind, professional and always there to take care of whatever was needed.  There’s not one thing I would change.  😀❤️

The video is so beautiful it makes me cry.  Kim and Sebastian’s wedding celebration will be engraved in my memory forever.

You were an instrumental part in creating this perfect event.

Thank you


Hi Andrea,

Yes we are back in the states! I bet there are some amazing venues in Moravia and Austria! It was such a pleasure to spend time with you and get to know you! We really had a wonderful time and all the events turned out just beautiful. We hope to see you next time we are in Prague 😀

Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and have some more trips planned for yourself!

Best Regards,



Message from mum of the bride

The wedding was so spectacular that I’m not going to even think about it again.

I wish I had more children who wanted to get married in Prague. It was such a great event.  Everyone who went loved it.



The video is so beautiful it makes me cry.  Kim and Sebastian’s wedding celebration will be engraved in my memory forever.

You were an instrumental part in creating this perfect event.

Thank you.