Berchtold chateau


Chateau Berchtold lies about 30 kilometres far from the historical centre of Prague in the direction of Brno.

In close proximity of the chateau there is a chateau park which is styled as Children’s Paradise. You can find a fairyland full of pixies, ghosts and fairies, the chateau park includes a permanent exhibition of 32 miniatures of Czech castles, palaces and other historically interesting objects from the whole Czech Republic.

A part of the area is also the Sports Centre “At the Chateau”, which offers a variety of sports activities as tennis, golf, football and at the same time a conference hall and a restaurant including a possibility of accommodation. St. Wenceslas wine cellar and an outdoor grill are also situated near the sports centre.

Wedding ceremony

Live your great day through at the romantic chateau in historical halls, saloons of the restaurant or in the beautiful park. Arrival at the Chateau through the main gate in a carriage or in a veteran car is lovely. civil and church (protestant) ceremonies are on request.

Wedding reception

Gastronomy and quality wines have their history at the Chateau Berchtold –St. Martin` s goose, pork feast days or famous young wine. Besides traditional Czech cuisine the restaurant will concentrate on international especially Italian or Mediterranean cuisine.

The capacity of the restaurant is 75 places in four parts of the ground floor, where also a children` s playroom is situated. There are also halls with capacity of about 100 places on the 2nd floor and outdoor gardens for about 30 – 150 places.  A special offer for demanding customers is 5 independent tables (maximum 10 places at each table) in the biggest summer garden in the Czech Republic in beautiful surroundings of the Chateau Park and nevertheless in privacy.

Saloons of the restaurant, 2 chateau halls, beautiful park or the grounds of the gaming club, sports club, cafe or wine cellar are suitable for wedding celebrations.


The hotel at the Chateau Berchtold offers accommodation in 16 rooms with 42 beds and then the Sports Centre offers 3 rooms with 16 beds. The whole capacity is 60 beds. The rooms are styled in different ways (the chateau rooms for newly-married couples, personality rooms for managers, fairytale rooms for families, special in the chateau tower) and are divided into few categories (Wedding dbl, family rooms, standard dbl, single), Sports centre offers economy 3-6 rooms with communal WC and shower cabinet.