Grandhotel Pupp


The Grandhotel Pupp has been a traditional symbol of Karlovy Vary and Czech Republic for three centuries already. It is a place of comfort and first-rate service. The first of Grandhotel Pupp buildings was the so-called Saxony Hall, which was built by the order of the then Lord Mayor Deiml in  1701.

Back in 1890, the Pupp family, now represented by the brothers Anthony, Julius and Heinrich, achieved the ownership of the original Saxony Hall. In this year the family also formed a joint stock company. Six years later the business is handed over to the Viennese architects Fellner and Helmer in order to transform the “Etablissement Pupp”. The collection of individual buildings was eventually, in 1907, incorporated in neo-baroque “Grandhotel Pupp”.

Years 1922-23 were the climax of construction and modernization of the entire hotel. Every room has its own bathroom with warm and cold water. Yet the biggest achievement was before the Second World War, when the Pupp family was finally able to buy the last of the required buildings, the so-called House of God’s Eye – today Café Pupp.

 Wedding ceremony and reception

The dates are on request, both civil and church (protestant) ceremonies are available.

Festive Hall
Neo-baroque ball room, with organ – this is the perfect setting for grand wedding (up to 500 persons)

Beethoven, Bohemia, Chopin
Noble lounges suitable for wedding ceremony, wedding feast, private parties (30 to 70 persons)

Grandrestaurant Pupp
Most luxurious hotel restaurant (up to 60 persons)

Becher`s Bar (up to 80 persons)
Daily live dance music daily, cocktail bar

Becher`s Bar – Mattoni lounge (up to 26 persons)

Chapel above Grandhotel Pupp
Decorated for the ceremony accommodates very small family wedding (4-6 persons)

It is a challenge for the kitchen of the Grandhotel Pupp, too, to contribute to the uniqueness of each wedding banquet with its gastronomic art. No matter if the newly married couple want to be in the Grandrestaurant or the unique Festive Hall with their relatives, they will always get first-rate service and the wedding day will meet their wishes. Convince yourself of the renowned cuisine of the Grandhotel Pupp in its very heart.


Hotel has enough rooms to acommodatecouple and their guests.