Dear friends,

I just read in the news positive message about release of the restrictions, have very good feeling and want to share my feelings. Most of us never experienced such a social distancing in our lives. Especially for weddings human contact is so important, our industry is about love and emotions.

I visited India at the beg of March, at the time when the virus started to grow in my country. On the day of departure I woke up at 2.30 and was thinking whether I should go or not…I was invited to wedding conference, had there a few meetings important for my business and decided to go. India was great, did not regret any minute I spent there, but sobered up when I came back after week….Virus spreaded, people started to be nervous and althought the cleannes in India was great (desinfection everywhere, taking temperature before entering hotel), I decided to stay for 2 weeks in voluntary quarantine. I moved to my house in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere…Missed my children so much…

The best idea to survive was work. I finished all rest I had on my table. I spoke to friends I haven´t talked for ages… We have to change our attitude. It is hard to say, but things happen for a reason. Maybe we just should slow down, sit, relax and think about other things then just work. To look around how the world is beautiful, enjoy sun shining, flowers growing…I realised that I do not need to visit restaurant, go to the bar, visit shopping mall…I am here in the mountains, enjoying nature, running and exercising, spending lot of time with my children and family. I have time to write my book, articles to the blog, think about weddings. My hair look terrible, do not wear make-up and left all my fancy clothes in Prague, but I do not mind, it will come back again..

Every day I try to put some photo on Instagram to remember all beautiful weddings I have ever organised. And I can´t wait to hear that borders are opened and I can continue with my can not say work, but love and passion. We had to move some weddings, but – your big day will happen and we will enjoy it even more after all…

Stay positive, it’s hard to believe right now, but things happen for a reason. And I am here for you.

With love,