Vrchotovy Janovice chateau


• type of ceremony – civil, church (protestant), symbolic

• ceremonies are available on request, chateau closed between October – April

• wedding ceremonies take place at the park or chateau chapel (capacity approx. 60 people)

• length of the ceremony is around 25 min

• wedding reception for up to 30 people can be arranged at the chateau

• civil ceremony is in Czech, translated into English (or any other language), church ceremony in any language


Together with the original park, the chateau in Vrchotovy Janovice is a special place with an unobtrusive yet strong and characteristic charm. The chateau has already been part of an exhibition of the National Museum in Prague for 50 years now.

Since the beginning of the 20th century many presonalities from different artistic fields visited the chateau. The most significant visitors in the history of Vrchotovy Janovice were two Czech natives whose mother tongue was German – poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, and journalist, dramatist and poet, Karl Kraus. Those guests were invited by the last owner Sidonie Nádherná, who was dedicated to the arts. The chateau was originally the Gothic water stronghold, later rebuilt to Renaissance – baroque style, afterwards it was modified to rococo style and last the chateau was modified to Neogothic style. Nowdays the chateau is in an ownership with National Museum in Prague and includes an exposition called „Society in Bohemia in 19th century“, furthermore expositions „Rilke, Kraus and Vrchotovy Janovice“ and „ Bohemian campanology“.