Luxury black and gold sweet bar
Sweet bar detail with strawberries and cherries coverd with white chocolate and gold

While the style focus during the wedding ceremony is usually on the bride’s dress, with guests turning to gasp at her beauty as she swishes down the aisle, the wedding reception brings with it the chance to create another ‘wow’ moment with a luxury wedding cake. There are a million different ways to plan a wedding, but we almost always find a way to celebrate the same — with a nod to the sweet tooth. Designers create exquisite detailing, from hyper-realistic florals to intricate lace, darkly gothic tones to cakes painted so intricately they look like watercolours.

Some creations are classical elegance itself, while others are beautiful yet deconstructed. Every one of our upscale wedding cakes is tailored to the luxury wedding theme. odo consequat. Each of the impeccable designs is approached with attention-to-detail which is second to none and an artistic flair which ensures every creation is swooned over by guests at luxury wedding receptions. Whimsical and romantic, bespoke and beautiful...

Sophisticated white three-tiered wedding cake, standing in the center of a sweet bar in a green garden
White and gold stylish luxury sweet bar
Sweet bar detail decorated with gold and served on ornamental leaf-shaped plates
Luxury blue, golden and white sweet bar detailCute blue, golden and white sweet bar detail
Two-tiered wedding cake made of marble-blue and azure cubes decorated with white flowers and golden berries
Sweetbar decorated with wildflowers and dried reeds with wedding cake in the midle, stands on the outdoor terrace overlooking the mountain landscape
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Cosy courtyard with wedding catering in Bastion Prague Restaurant

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