photo of the bride and groom against the summer mountains view
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Church ceremonies are being performed in English (French, German is also possible). Catholic ceremonies can be performed in consecrated churches only, protestant ceremony can be basically anywhere. The ceremony itself takes about 30 minutes, should you wish to have a holy mass in catholic church, additional 30 min need to be added. Jewish weddings can be performed only in synagogue. Protestant weddings are very flexible and can be performed either in church or in an outdoor location such as a chateau or garden.

Symbolic weddings are great option for couples not wanting to work through all the legal paperwork but still wishing to hold a romantic destination wedding with all the trimmings. Symbolic wedding gives you the most flexibility in that you can write your own vows, add readings and music as they wish.We will help you with the paperwork, lead you step by step through all the procession and arrange all necessary steps here.

Outdoor summer ceremony set up in the old garden with wedding arch with an entrance decorated with white flowers in flowerpots
Top view of the bride climbs the spiral stairsAndrea Hamanova stands with happy groom and bride in front of the outdoor gold and blue decoration in the garden
Detail of outdoor summer ceremony set up
a bride with a bouquet and a veil in front of a white castle
Bride and groom look at the cityscape of Prague from the hill
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Cosy courtyard with wedding catering in Bastion Prague Restaurant

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