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May 19, 2021


I was very honored to be invited to the 2nd congress for the Luxury Indian Destination Wedding Universe. First one took place in Kolkata in 2020, India and this edition was at Sri Lanka. Shangrila hotels were proud partners of the congres.

The aim of this congress is to put together global community, a retreat that we all love to be at while networking, learning and sharing experiences. And how does it work at such a congress?

I arrived to Sri Lanka already more then week beore, since I wanted to explore this country and see what can I offer to my clients. It is beautiful island with really friendly and welcoming people. Yes, the country went through many issues last few years, but they are all ready to continue and do their best. The hospitality of locals is incredible, you can find there many really pretty hotels with perfect service, great local restaurants and the nature is just incredible. 2 biggest animals in the world can be found at Sri Lanka - whales and elephants. One day you are on the lovely beach, next day exploring elephants and leopards at safari and the after you wake-up in the mountains, surroded by tea plantations and monkeys. Incredible!

I hope I will bring some amazing clients to Sri Lanks soon, believe that wedding there will be spectacular.

We all met at Shangrila Colombo on Friday afternoon, welcome was, as expected very warm, with champagne, small nibbles and gift at the room.

Beautifully decorated welcome dinner was outside in the tent, we were greet by traditional dancers, amazing cocktails and snacks. I knew many people from the first congress already, so it was supereasy to catch up and enjoy lot of dancing.

Next day, after the breakfast, buses escorted us to the south of country, where is located the most luxury hotel at Sri Lanka - Shangrila Hambantota. Beautiful resort with golf course, 3 swimming pools really catched me from the first moment.

I am very demanding in terms of style and class, but srilankan hospitality surprised me a lot. People were all nice to us, hostesses welcomed us at the reception, while we were watching local dancers and enjoying cocktails.

After check-in was time for quick lunch and then conventions and meetings started. Big names like Ali Bakhtiar, Gideon Hermosa, Majeda Kassir Bissarat and many others shared their experiences, which was an amazing lesson.

Cocktail and evening in the garden was so pretty again. I tried local gin and many other cocktails and assume will have to on diet for many weeks...So much food all the time, I simply could not resist...

Sunday contined with great meetings again, I was proud to be part of panel discussion and talked about Mentoring clients - don ´t let the client get in the way of your vision of a beautiful event”. I was really scared to talk in front of such an audience, but we decided to share funny stories and I have to say it was very succesfull.

The whole world is about networking and cooperation...

Last night was in the name of Holi. It seems that Holi is becoming part of my life - Holi is a popular and significant festival celebrated as the Festival of Colours, Love and Spring. It celebrates the eternal and divine love of the god Radha and Krishna, where people smear and drench each other with colours. Lot of fun and really lot of colors - that is why people wear white. Again lovely flowers, lighting and great food accompanied the whole night, atmosphere was great.

Monday morning was time to leave back to Colombo and say goobye. Last dinner with crabs, bit of shopping and next day heading home.

I was really bussy last year and I did not have much time to educate myself. That is why I decided to relax a bit more in 2023, attend some congresses, educate myself and learn from the best. I believe this all will help me to improve my skills and put my services to higher level. Also meeting new people and vendors help me to offer more and more vendors from different countries.

IIWC, thank you! Can´t wait for next year already...

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