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May 19, 2021

Planning wedding is not a part time, it is literally a full time job.

We spend not only hundreds of hours in the planning and designing your dream wedding, but we also spent between 40 - 200 hours onsite, depending on the scope of your wedding and size of our team. Wedding usally takes full weekend - rehearsal dinner on Friday, followed by main day and usually brunch, boat tour or long breakfast the day after. We are fully responsible for all these occasions, plus you need to count time for installation and deinstallation, which leads to around 40 hours for one person and as we are always minimum 2, just 80 hours is work during your wedding weekend.

We don´t have an "off" season, we call it a prep season. We are constantly on the clock...

We know the people

When you work with an experienced wedding planner, you are not getting just the benefits of their skills - you are also getting an entire vendor team that has been interviewed.

We can not recommend anyone we don´t trust, which means that you don´t have to guess if this vendors is worth your time.. We know which photographer would suit your style, which flowers will match the theme perfectly.

On the top of that, we understand how to negotiate with the vendors that we respect and they respect us.

A good planner is worth every penny

We take on your stress for you

Wedding planning is not easy and if you do not have good help or do not know how to do it, it brings lot of stress - all the deadlines, budgets, weather, emergencies, typos stains...We will take care of it.

And because we are good in what we are doing, we take care of it without you even knowing. We are no discussing with you who delivers the cake, what time, where it will be stored before the cutting, who makes the final touches, who brings it to the table - these are all internal logistics we do not bother you with. You just know that your amazing cake will be on time at the right place and will look and taste fab.

Planning any event is streesfull enough, let alone the wedding. We are trained to deal with the stressful moments and have perfected the art of giving you only the new you need to hear....none of the crap in betweeen.

Wedding planning is one of the toughest procession to be in. You need someone you can trust, that can deliver what you expect. And this is why you hire us for your wedding in Prague.

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