Enchanting forest

#out of Prague
Nothing white extravaganze
Lila, purple, pink, green, gold
Photo by 
Evgeniya Ovsyannikova & Tomas Dittrich
Flowers by 
Frezia Fleur

A million dollar wedding for one of the best poker players in the world, recorded by Netflix, was held at the private mansion of one billionair.

* The couple wished to play with flamboyant stuff, to make extravagant decor, to come with some new fresh ideas.

* We did not send traditional invitations, but our guests received a box with fresh orchids and a hand written personal invitation.

* The bride dreamed about the unicorn and animals at the wedding. We hired horse that play in movies, arranged LED horn that was comfortable enough to wear and we prepared special enclosure that was lit in the evening.

* The magical garden was created next to the horse enclosure, with illuminated trees, a white carpet path and cute animals like little sheep, goats, rabbits, guinea pig. We were really happy to support a local ecological farm.

* Team of 20 florists worked for 5 days on all installations, thousands of flowers were delivered to the venue.

* Soloists and ballerinas from the National theatre escorted the bride while she walked down the aisle. They had golden teapots with hot water and poured dry ice that was hidden in the decor. It looked as if the bride was walking in the mist, which was her dream anyway…

* Wedding rings came from the the sky in a small plane – the plane had little parachute that got down with rings in a box

* Guests were escorted to the venue by a private helicopter

* private mansion

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