Paradise colors

#in Prague
Soft, modern, elegant, fresh
White, cream in shades, soft pink in shades, peach in shades, orange, leaf green, copper and gold in accent, paradise colours
Photo by 
Tomas Dittrich
Flowers by 
Frezia Fleur

* Emphasis on tall artificial branches in bloom accompanied by fresh flowers

* Mix of round and long tables with white tableclothes, white chairs

* Golden cutlery, glass base plate, clasical china, modern glass

* Peony Coral Charm, Rose Vuvuzela, Leucospermum Yellow, Philadelphus, Rose Peach Avalanche, Gardenia White, Esutoma Alissa Pink, Gloriosa Orange, Ranunculus Orange, Hydrangea White, Jasminum Pink

* Villa Richter

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